What Is Rare

What Is Rare

by Swami Yogiraj

In this world it is very rare to get a human body

More rare than getting a human body is to live the life of an honest man

More rare than an honest man is to live the life of a hermit

More rare than a hermit's life is to awaken the essence of a saint within us

Even more rare than awakening the essence of sainthood is to receive the grace of God

More rare than the grace of God is to fuse with Divinity (essence of God)

Even more rare than divine fusion is to absorb the divine radiance, bliss,
and immortality born of it

Still more rare than this, is to distribute whole heartedly the assimilated substance for the enlightenment and welfare of others

AND Very, Very much more rare than ALL these is to gain the affection and grace of a sincere and enlightened teacher - A TRUE GURU