Substance Of Life

Substance of Life

Please do not commit the mistake of labeling me as a holy spirit nor as a sinful soul. I am not even distantly connected to either of them. I stand aloof at a place where neither can reach. It is from this place that I call you. Listen to me, if you can. The path to this place is clean, bright and blissful too. The true substance of life can only be known on reaching here.

I have nothing to give you and yet can give you much. However, the issue is not mine but yours. The question is what is it that you want from me; how do you want it; why do you want it; and what will you do with it? This, you will have to tell me.

How long will you remain entangled in the rigmarole of shuttling here and there? Free yourself from this confusion. There is no need to come here or go there. Get rid of this coming and going, once and for all, and become based in the self. You will experience a strange, transcending peace and find a clear inner vision through which you will be able to see the universe as it basically and truly is.

"I" has to befused with "We", "We" has to unite with "I" and ultimately one has to get away from the confusion of "I" and "We" together.

Every sound (Nad) has motion and every motion has a sound. This is the law of nature. That sound which is without motion is called "Anahad Nad" and it can only be heard in the supreme state of meditation. Every sound (Nad) has a color, every color has a light, every light has energy, every energy has an essence. In this motion, sound, color, essence, light and energy are all related to one another. They also produce different effects on the body and the mind; but "Anahad Nad" is connected to the soul.

Do you have tears? If yes, then why do they not flow? Where have you allowed them to wander and stray? What right do you have to withhold them! Break the barriers and let them run. In this unstinted flow lies their true beauty, that divine beauty which joins the immortal to the immortal, wherein there is only endless union and no parting!

Tears are neither pearls nor dew-drops. They are only living globules of the melting heart. They wash away all bitterness from life - a natural way of cleansing life itself. They dispel the dark night of ignorance and kindle up that eternal flame in whose illumination the unseen becomes seen and the unknown becomes known. Only a little patience is required.