Monthly Sadhana

Daily Tune up Nada Sadhana

1-Relax the body and mind by slow and deep breathing. Feel and visualize the deep inhalation  as it produces a mild tension and as the exhalation drains out all the tension from the body. Once the body is relaxed, relax the brain and mind in same way by deep slow breathing. Experience the body and mind become completely languid and relaxed.

2-Bring attention to the Manipur chakra located below the navel in the Sushumna nadi (aka  parasympathetic nervous system located within spinal columns).
Chant Aum or Om slowly with breath and continue till you feel the sound reverberating and expanding beyond the physical body into the aura body in this Manipur chakra zone.
Meditate and enjoy.

3- Now bring attention to the Anahat chakra in heart region located in the Sushumna nadi.
Chant "Yam" slowly with breath and feel the sound reverberating and expanding beyond the physical body into the aura body in the Anahat, the etheric heart.
Meditate and enjoy.

4- Now bring attention to the Visuddha chakra in the throat region. Chant “Saat.” Allow this mantra to  purify the Visuddha chakra and let it reverberate in this region and beyond. 
Meditate and enjoy.

5- Bring attention to the Ajna chakra at the third eye, expanding all way into the space between the 2 ears where the pineal gland is located.  Chant “Naam” and feel the sound current reverberating in this region and echoing into the crown space.
Remain for a while in this quiet space and Meditate.

At the close of this meditation rub the palms together to generate energy and spread them evenly by moving the hands over every part of the body from head to toes.

Conclude with Om Shanti chant 3 times and, or Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Have a Blessed day and a Blessed week.

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