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Blessings in the New Year 2018

Our offering to you at the start of this New Year is a simple but powerful 31 day Meditation Sadhana practice.

A famous Hindi poet and thinker Jai Shankar Prasad is well remembered for the following segment of his poem :

“ too much of pleasure (sukh) brings pain and boredom

too much of suffering (dukh) brings pain,

so may our life be filled with the sweet harmony of pleasure and pain.”

 (translated by Harish Joshi)

In Yoga this “sweet harmony of pleasure and pain” is called Samattwa, and it is the heart chakra flanked by the Ida and Pingala Nadi’s that brings out this Samattwa. The heart  chakra is the seat of “Samattwa.”

To help open and expand the heart energy let us begin this New Year with the first 5 Affirmations that Swamiji Yogiraj introduced as part of His Healing Meditation.

These  Affirmations should each be chanted 5 times each and twice daily.

It is advised that we keep a Spiritual diary and daily keep track of the time and duration of our practice with a brief note of the heartfelt effort made in this 31day Healing Meditation Sadhana.

1-The Body and Mind should become Pure

2-The Body and Mind should become Healthy

3-My Mind and Brain should become Serene and Peaceful

4-My Body and Mind should be consecrated with the Love of the Pure Cosmic Shakti (energy)

5-I am Becoming One with the Luminous Light  and Now I have become One.

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