Monthly Sadhana

A Special Meditation given by Yogiraj to help us advance smoothly in Sadhana (Meditation practice) by following His 7 step sequence. Commit yourself to this practice Today and let us spread our connection, Devotion and Love for the Guru within and the Guru without.

Yogiraj says:
“Meditative suggestions influence our subconscious mind deeply and are beneficial in providing relief from physical and psychological problems that afflict our gross and mental body. But to obtain the Spiritual Amrit (Nectar) of Paramatma (Supreme/Absolute  Soul) one must move beyond the hypnotic, albeit positive, spell of thoughts into the thought-free zone-from doing to just being.
Spiritual attainment is only possible when we have crossed the threshold of thoughts”   

“Meditation is Not for the faint-hearted, Nor for those who routinely avoid the whispering longings of their own hearts”  J.Kabat Zinn
(This quote is intended to make it clear to you the practitioner that unless you are sincere and honest with yourself, chances are you will keep fighting your own mind the entire meditation time and be unable to gain any benefits. And for all practical purposes, the same applies to any other attempts at meditation.)

The Seven Steps of Spiritual Practice 

Step 1- Guru Mantra Repetition
 (3-5 minutes)

Step 2-  RELAXATION “Relaxation is the gateway to Meditation"
(8-12 minutes)

How?  Go through the body parts one by one. Give self suggestion to relax each part 3 times.
example : “relaxation is entering the soles of the feet. The soles of the feet are now relaxing, relaxing relaxing". (Deep abdominal breathing greatly assists this process.)

Step 3- TO FEEL.
 With the help of deep breathing, become aware of feeling in the body. Return to areas that need further, deeper relaxation.

Step 4- STOP.
Encounter ones own thoughts. Stop the thought process.

How? Do not struggle with the thoughts. This only makes one weak.
There are 3 ways to stop the thought process:
a) Offer Non-cooperation
b) Ignore. Observe the gap (which is very small) between the thoughts.
Make this gap longer and bigger.
c) Understanding of the Thoughts. This requires the guidance of a guru or experienced practitioner.
(feel free to contact us regarding this process or regarding Guru Mantra)

Step 5 - STAY.
Here the Seeker will enter into the unconscious mind. As the unconscious rises up, begins bubbling up from under, be aware that  disturbing images and fears may arise. This is normal process and it is here that the seeker must use the Guru mantra to enable oneself to STAY.
There are 4 forms of the voice of the Guru Mantra:
1)Gross form of Guru Mantra, using the vocal recitation (in ones own privacy so not audible to  another person)
2) form of Guru Mantra uttered silently with tongue and lips, using the throat.
3) form of the Guru Mantra silently intoned from the Anahata chakra (heart)
4) form of the Guru Mantra silently intoned from the Manipur chakra (navel)
Focusing on the Navel as the source of Guru Mantra when done properly is most effective and powerful.

Here you will  go beyond your personal unconscious. You will discover the state of Universal unconsciousness. This become Conscious. This is Divine.
You will realize the Divine. The work of the Self.

Step 7- The Realization of God Consciousness will come.  It arrives by the Grace of God and Guru.

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