Monthly Sadhana

May 2018

We at Yogavani celebrate Buddha Purnima this month. (This year the actual date was early, on April 30th - the Purnmina full moon). We take this day to invoke the Buddha, chant together, and introspect His teachings and wisdom.
We have declared May as Buddha month, celebrating with daily meditation and chanting of Buddha’s heart sutra (please see link below). 
We recorded three Buddha chants for your reference, located on our Sound Cloud page:
Om Mane Padme Hum, the Heart Sutra, and Om Mane Padme Hum.

This month's meditation focuses on the Heart Sutra.

1- Sit down comfortably. Keep the back uprights and head centered.

2- Close your eyes gently and begin to draw your awareness within.

3- Experience the breath flowing in and out for a minute or two, inhale-exhale fully and deeply.

4- Observe how the body feels, if and where any tension or discomfort is felt, and if so, gently begin to direct the breath to the particular area(s) to help dissolve blockages. Gradually lengthen the exhales to help release more and more deeply.

5- Now observe the Mind, the thoughts as they flow in and out and involve the breath in same manner here for mind process as was applied for the body process earlier.

 6- Now begin to chant AUM three times. Begin with an Inhale for each AUM, then chant, while attuning to the emanating, reverberating sound vibrations.

7- Repeat silently personal mantra or Guru Mantra

 8-Chant Buddha’s Heart Sutra 27, 54, or 108 times feeling the Buddha’s presence in your heart
(link below for your reference)




Remain for a while in this quiet space and Meditate.

At the close of this meditation rub the palms together to generate energy and spread them evenly by moving the hands over every part of the body from head to toes.

Conclude with Om Shanti chant 3 times and, or Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Have a Blessed day and a Blessed week.

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With Blessings and Love 

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