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An exploration or self study of getting to know one's Self

We Honor our Guru Swami Yogiraj Nanak by touching on the True meaning of Yoga as described by Maharishi Patanjali, the Father of Yoga.  His first and foremost Sutra “Yogash-citta-vritti-nirodhah” is  known as the gateway to Yoga Sadhana and our Gurudev has always placed great importance on this Sutra which has been the Inspiration behind his "Dehypnotic Meditation method.

Patanjali enumerates The Eightfold Path (8 steps in Yoga) with Meditation and Samadhi as their Ultimate Goal.




"The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga"

yogaḥ = yoga = union or to join together
citta =  all that is mutable in human beings; thoughts, the sub total of the mind
vr̥tti =  thought-wave; mental modification; mental whirlpool; it is a ripple in the citta. A vritti alters ones perception and creates a misconception, as waves on the surface of a pond obscure or distort our view of what is at its  bottom. 
nirodhaḥ = to restrain, to channel, to process the proclivity of the mind   

Then what does this Sutra say? 

It is Not about suppressing the mind, rather opening it Up and allowing the thoughts to pass by and fade away. We can then be ready for Meditation.

How do we do that?  

As example, we should recognize the thoughts and their emotional repercussions the same way as we know the implications of putting our hand into boiling water.

What type of thoughts and emotions disturb us? 

Anger, fear, our work-a-day world insecurities, endless unfulfilled desires, etc. Thus as we try to sit for Meditation these tendencies come up, bubble up to the surface of the mind and distract us from our meditation.

How to overcome this?

One of best ways is to befriend the mind. We make friends with it so the mind does not distract us from moving on the path of Meditation sadhana. 

How do we do this?

By Affirmations and Auto-suggestions so we have a better handle on the mind to allow the positive attitudes, affirmations to enter and take over our haphazard  thought process. This helps us attain “Samattwa”, a state of harmony and balance which is essential for our Meditation process to become more smooth and channel energy to move upwards.

As a reminder, Visualization, Affirmations and Imagination play a very significant role in accepting our Soul’s guidance to help experience our inherent desire to rest in the Self. Then Nothing and No-one can distract us from our goal because  it is our Soul power guiding us towards Self Realization.

*Aum Samattwa Mai     * Aum Shanti Mai      *Aum Guru Mai       *  Aum Jyotih Mai

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