Monthly Sadhana

Monthly Sadhana

1. Relax the body and mind by slow and deep breathing. The deep inhalation produces a mild tension. The exhalation drains out all tensions from the body. Once the body is relaxed, we relax the brain and mind in the same way.  The body and mind become completely languid and rested.

2. Place a picture of the Guru at a place slightly above the level of the eyes. Chant the holy Guru mantra while gazing at the picture. The recitation should be non-vocal. It will be done in different speeds - slow, medium, and fast. The chant will finally taper off at an extremely slow pace.

3. Wile reciting the Gurumantra allow the eyes to close gently, whenever this happens spontaneously.

4. In the quietude thus created, view the image of the Guru within yourself. Feel His internal presence, first in the gross (bodily) form and then in the subtly, transparent form. Go on to view the aura body.

5. Now remove the ego from the self. The experience of oneness with the “Guru Govind” should become easy and natural. Let the ego vanish. Only the all encompassing presence of “Guru Govind” prevails. This experience produces a novel tingling sensation. The aspirant must feel that the luminous wisdom of the Guru fills each and every bit of his life - whether big or small.

6. At the close of the meditation, rotate the index finger in a spiral movement near the middle portion of the forehead. Thereafter, rub the palms together to generate energy and spread it evenly by moving the hands over every part f the body.

7. Sit quietly, feel the presence of Guru within and around. Remain silent as you transition to your daily activity.

Om Shantih Mei, Om Jyotir Mei, Om Ananda Mei

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