Monthly Sadhana


A  Morning-Evening Nada Meditation practice

Step 1-Preparation:
Sit in a comfortable cross legged position or sit in a chair.
Keep the spine erect, chest open, shoulders down, back, and relaxed.
Keep hands on thighs with palms facing upwards.
Gyan Mudra - lightly touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger. The remaining fingers remain open and at ease. This is the most important mudra for meditation. Gyan mudra affects and charges all the muscles  in body and the brain and helps energize energy of the body with the mind.

Slowly, comfortably breathe in fully then exhale slowly
Keep the facial  muscles relaxed, chin slightly tucked in, eyes can be closed with mild awareness at the space between the eye brows.

Meditation Instructions
3 phases

Phase 1-
Inhale and exhale slowly and fully
*If you are Initiated, repeat Guru mantra and co-ordinate it with the in-out breath
*If you are Not initiated or do not have a personal mantra,
with each inhalation mentally say to yourself,  “I am Not the body”
with each exhalation say to yourself, “I am Not the mind”

(Repeat this at least 9 times  at your own pace or for 5-8 minutes)

Phase 2-
Utter a long “A-U-M-” as instructed below.
Do this  at your own pace beginning with an easeful, inhalation each time you begin the sacred syllable resonance:

A) Begin with “A”( as in” US") experiencing sound emanating from just below the navel. Keep repeating this “A” till you Feel the Vibration of the “A” resonating in the Manipur chakra in this navel region.

B) Continue with “U” (as U in SUsan..) feeling the sound vibration in the Anahata chakra at the heart.  Keep repeating this till you  Feel the vibration of “U”resonating within and you can experience its deep effects

C) Begin the “M” (as in Monday…) feeling this resonance in the space between the ears, in the pineal zone

D) Now chant All these three (A-U-M) continuously to sound as “OM”.
Slowly, then accelerating tempo This is a Divine Primordial Sound echoing through the Universe.

(Know that you Do Not need to utter these sounds very loudly. Only loud enough to feel the vibrations of the sound resonating in and around you.)

Phase 3-
Sit for at least 8-12 minutes feeling the vibrations of sound charging the energy points, and expanding outwardly into the Aura Body.

* Commit to set aside at least 20 minutes for this practice each morning and also in the evening

* Do not pay attention to the activity of the mind and body. Whatever is happening just ignore it and simply sit.

* Do not take a break in between this short practice as this will disturb the re organization of energies that occurred during this session.

* Enjoy the benefits of this practice and simply follow the instructions without adopting any changes.

This is a simple but very potent sadhana

Conclude with a reminder to yourself: “I am Not the body, I am Not the mind”

Om Shantih,Shantih,Shantih

  Om Peace, Peace, Peace

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