Monthly Sadhana

Monthly Sadhana

May 2021

Maluk Das Jayanthi

May 1st is Maluk Das Jayanthi, a celebration of the birthdate of our Guru's Guru Baba Sant Maluk Das. It is a most auspicious time for meditation and introspection.  Here is a special recording from 2010, recorded at Yogavani Mission in NYC. It features a special Maluk Das message by our Guru Yogiraj Nanak, Celebration and Guided Meditation.


Sponsored by Diksha and Harish Joshi


1. Invocation

2. Hari Om responsive chant

3. Om Vande Maluk Das Aryam chant

(Extended Silent Meditation)

4. Om Ram Nada guided Meditation

5. Closing Chants

Concluding Inspiration teaching and insights by Harishji


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 

Om Peace Peace Peace 

For any questions and/or clarification on this practice, you are welcome to email Diksha




April 2021

Devi Meditation on the occasion of Vasanta (Spring) Navarati

This month we celebrate Vasanta Navaratri. It starts on Tuesday, April 13th and culminates with the celebration of Ram Navami on Wednesday, April 21st.  The Soundcloud link below is the recording of a special meditation which we held on Thursday, April 15th which includes special chants and invocations to the Devi. 


Om Devi Om

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 

Om Peace Peace Peace

March 2021 

March 1st is the Samadhi Diwas of our Beloved Guruji Swami Yogiraj Nank Chand. See our Monthly News for His message on Divine Love. 

We have recorded a special dedication/meditation to our Guruji below to help us connect with the Divine at this time. Please note the outline of the recording as below for your reference and enjoy. 


an outline of the above practice is as follows:

1. GURU STOTRAM - Hymn in Praise of the Guru

Meditation pause 


(Chant 27 times) 

Meditation pause (3 minutes) 

3. Closing Slokas (verses)

Om Guru Om

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 

Om Peace Peace Peace

February 2021

Anahat Poornam Nada Sadhana Practice

(Fullness of the Heart Nada Meditation) 


Invocations used in this Practice

Opening Slokas

1. Brahmaa Nandham Parama Sugatam

Kevalam Jnaana Moortim

Dhwandhwaa Teetam Ghagana Sadhrusam

Tatwamasyaadhi Lakshyam

Ekam Nityam Vimalam Achalam

Sarvadhee Sakshi Bhoodam

Bhaavaa Teetam Triguna Rahitam

Satgurum Tam Namaami


The Greatest Bliss, the Highest Joy

Embodiment of Wisdom Absolute

Non-Dual, Boundless Like the Sky

He is the Goal of "Thou art That"

One Eternal, Pure, and Still

Witness of the Whole Universe

Beyond Mind's Grasp, of Gunas free

To That Guru may my Worship be 

2. Om Namah Shivaaya Gurave

Satchidaananda Moortaye

Nish Prapanjaaya Shaantaaya

Niraa Lambaaya Tejase 


The Guru is Auspiciousness

Embodiment of Truth, Knowledge, Bliss

Salutations to Him who is Beyond the world

Peaceful, Independent, and Radiant

Closing Sloka

Om Poornamadhah Poornamidham

Poornaat Poornam Udhachyate

Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya

Poornameva Avashishyate

Om Shaanthi Shaanthi Shaanthi


That is full, this also is full,

This Fullness came from that fullness.

Though this Fullness came from that Fullness

That Fullness remains forever Full.

Om Peace, Peace, Peace

For any questions and/or clarifications on this particular practice you are welcome to email Diksha 




A  simple practice for our overall well being and connection to the Divine.  

This mantra given by our Guru, will help us navigate these challenging times and make a deep connection within. 

“Om Sarvatmane Namaha”, a universal mantra 

Swamiji Yogiraj Nanak introduced. 

Translated from Sanskrit means:

“I honor, bow, to All the inhabitants of this Universe. We are All One.” 

This includes humans and All the living beings inhabiting this Terra Firma.

By repeating this Mantra we connect with each other and the Universal Shakti or consciousness. 

How to prepare to chant this mantra?

Step #1- Inhale and Exhale slowly and deeply,  at least 10 times. 

Deep breathing will help us calm down 

Step #2 - Remain silent for few minutes and observe the effects of deep breathing.

Step# 3 - Repeat this mantra  vocally, musically, slowly, deeply and  rhythmically. 

Feel the vibrations of the sound current, nada, and it’s affect on feelings, thoughts and inner soul connection, changing, purifying, and transforming.

 “Om Sarvatmane Namaha”

 (suggestion:  54 times with a pause after each 9 recitations).

Do not rush through it.

Step #4 Chant with love and devotion. Experience the deep meaning of this mantra, feel its vibrations resonating around your Aura body.

Note: Those who have a personal Guru mantra should begin this practice by silently repeating their individual mantra. Connecting through Mantra will help heal, give us solace and  help spread peace and harmony far and wide, connecting us with “that Eternal Peace that Surpasseth all understanding.”

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih 

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