Unveiling the World of Maya

Unveiling the World of Maya

The body gets its energy from the mind and the mind from the Soul. The Soul itself is already energized, enlightened and does not need any external help. But the body, influenced by the senses and the sense organs is drawn to external objects and persons, etc.. 

We select the things (objects, persons, etc) according to our own perception. These things themselves have no energy to force us to see them. Thus the things we like slowly and surely surround us and then dominate our mind. 

In other words, we live our life hypnotized by these things, and losing any of these things becomes very painful for us. But according to Divine choreography, to Divine arrangement, there is an inherent loss in anything gained. We tend to ignore this truth of loss. And this is ignorance, and self perpetuated fraud. 

This Ignorance, this fraud has to be cut off. This can be achieved through the technique of Dehypnotic Meditation (DM). In this process the influence objects is removed from the body. Energy thus gained is transferred, is shifted to the mind and blended with the Soul's energy. 

This communion with the Soul is called Meditation. When this is fully achieved, it is called Samadhi.

- Swami Yogiraj Nanak

What Leads You

Self observation leads to self interrogation

Self interrogation leads to self discrimination

Self discrimination leads to self purification

Self purification leads to self determination

Self determination leads to self realization

Self realization leads to self perfection

Self perfection leads to self illumination

Self illumination leads to self liberation


Self liberation leads to living by Lord's will only

- Swami Yogiraj Nanak