Divine Love

Divine Love

Please know it well that the senses see and as far as your mind goes, they are all completely related to MAYA (Illusion). Me and thee, thine and mine are the spring of MAYA. And she thus brings every soul or Jiva of this world into her grasp (clutches). And how to become free from her grasp is the main question to be solved by the aspirant. As the work of the God and play of the MAYA are beyond the understanding of the human's little mind, it makes it difficult to go apart from her.

The most powerful, easy, and smooth is the way of Divine Love, which is also a mine of all happiness. It is found only when time is spent inthe company of Self-realized Saints. And the company of such Saints will become possible with the assistance of good deeds. Their company frees the man from the world-bound existence of MAYA.

Now the question arises; what type of actions are needed in the way of Divine Love?

Is Hatha Yoga necessary for it? Answer is No. Is Japa necessary for it? Again answer is No. Is YAJNA or other rituals necessary? Again No. Is fasting necessary for it? Again No. Is austerity necessary for it? Again the answer is the same...No, No, No.

Now the question will arise; what is necessary or essential for it?

Answer: For the unfoldment of Divine Love, simple sincerity is required. And in any lot that befalls, calm contentment is required. And no attempt of guile (fraud) or resentment is required. And joyful tranquility is required. And not to depend on others, nor make them foes is required. And the absence of fear is required. And attachment for action, name, fame, or ownership or property is Not required. And skill or knowledge is required. Also a sinless, angerless life is required.

And complete awareness, plasticity, and unreserved surrender is required.

And the heart's attitude that "all is one, else is none" is required.

And since only one can enter into the narrow passage of Divine Love at one time, so Alone-ness is required.

And all these only become possible when the mind remains unoccupied, completely blank, and the heart remains virgin by the help of deep meditation such as:

Self-observing meditation, Self-uplifting meditation, and Stateless-state realizing meditation practice.