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August 2018 Monthly News

Faith in the Guru is the #1 most essential quality to have.
Otherwise ask yourself, whom do you believe?
Your problem is that you live multiple lives. 
Don’t claim to be a ‘Doer’,  Peeling off the ‘I’ is like peeling off your skin.
Do not fill yourself up with I, I, I’s.
Always remember that God is only One, so You too become One with the God."

Swami Yogiraj Nanak

Dear Friends and Seekers,

Summertime is a opt time to take time to slow down and step back, to analyze our ways, our lifestyle, to introspect and locate our subtle-unconscious motivations and be in a better position for a reality check on the way we relate to ourselves and  others, and the world around us.  Yogiraj in his discourses often points that out that we tend to live multiple lives, the driving force being the ego. Swamiji says it is only possible to come face to face with ones ego, to break free from it, through the practice of Meditation. For this, He created numerous Dehypnotic meditation techniques, all intended to help seekers with varied temperaments find a way to  get to know the inner workings of our mind more deeply, profoundly, and to help us unfold and blossom our personality so we can live enriched, freer, more spontaneous and service filled lives.

The Buddha, who himself has taught for over 40 years is known to have expressed that the core of All his teachings could be summed up as: “Nothing is to be clung to as I, me, or mine”.  This naturally brings to question everything we think we are, way we identify with our bodies, thoughts and feelings, and our relationships and values. We generally find ourselves with  expectations of what is supposed to happen and how things are supposed to be in order for us to live  our "ideal and happy lives." But the fact is, there is no substitute to establishing a daily meditation practice to help us “un-cling” from the "I , me, or mine." This is the only way to help us connect and function more fully, efficiently and also joyfully. Once we have tasted a degree of this fuller awareness and stability of mind as result of our practice, it becomes easier to settle into this “un-clung,”  happier state of mind and sustain it right in midst of a busy life itself. Otherwise we are stuck with a conceptual existence, labeling and making meaning out of things through thinking. It is only in the knowing of the things as they truly are that is what is called “wisdom”. This only calls for little of  effort, discipline on our part and it is intended to help us get out of our little selves and to help move our consciousness upward and to blossom inwardly.

Bhante Gunaratana, a senior Buddhist monk who has taught forms of meditation and Vipasana worldwide, said:
“Mindfulness gives you time. Time gives you choices, skillfully made, leads to freedom. You don’t have to be swept away by your feelings. You can respond with wisdom and kindness rather than by habit”

Perhaps the Kabir quote below can be a wake up call to  those of us who still stubbornly refuse to keep a  sustained daily Meditation practice going despite being blessed to have a teaching  and a Guru to show us the way. But when in time of despair, when a challenging circumstance or event comes our way, we suddenly turn to God and Guru to rescue us.

“Dukh mei sumiran sab kare, Sukh mei kare na koye.

Jo sukh mei sumiran kare, dukh kahe ko hoye”

"Everyone remembers Him is time of sorrow while in time of happiness No one remembers Him. If you remember Him in your Happiness, Why would you have any Sorrow ?”    Kabir (transliterated and translated by Harish)

To help sustain a Vibrant  Meditation practice  this month, we invite you to our Monthly Sadhana page to a special meditation as instructed by our Yogiraj. Here, He breaks down the Meditation process beautifully and profoundly.

You may also check out our Yogavani interview with Him at a time we were Blessed to be in his physical presence. Recently  we also  added a script to help you follow his English better and to understand more clearly what he had to say.

With Blessings and Love.

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

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