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March Monthly News 

March 1st is the Mahasamadhi Day of our Beloved Guruji Swamiji Yogiraj Nanak whose physical presence has not been with us since 2013 but His Grace, Love, and Divine teachings continue to be our inspiration and Guiding Light. 

it is  only up to our sincerity and innermost calling to experience through our Sadhana and embibe Him.

 For our inspiration, we are sharing below His Words of Wisdom on Divine Love. 

On our Monthly Sadhana page, please find a Special Guru Stotram: a Hymn in Praise of the Guru along with Mantra Chanting and Meditation recorded at our Yogavani Temple.

Jai Sri Satguru Maharaj Ki! 

Om Shantih-Shantih-Shantih.

 Swami Yogiraj Nanak on

 Divine Love

"Please know it well that as  the senses  and the  mind perceive ,All  are related to MAYA (Illusion). The ‘ Me’ and' thee, thine and mine’  All spring of MAYA. And she thus brings every individual soul or Jiva of this world into her clutches. And how to become free from her grasp is the main question to be solved by the aspirant, the seeker .Since the work of Brahman or  God , and the  Play of MAYA are beyond the understanding of the human's little mind, it makes it difficult to separate oneself  from her. 

However, there is a way, a most powerful, easy, and smooth way . This is the way of Divine Love, which is  a mine of All happiness. This Divine Love  is found only when time is spent in the company of Self-realized Souls, Saints. And the company of such  divine Souls, Saints can  become possible with the performance  of good deeds. It is Their company that can  free one from the world-bound existence of MAYA. 

Now the question arises; what type of actions are needed in the way of Divine Love? 

Is Hatha Yoga necessary for it? Answer is No. 

Is Japa necessary for it? Again answer is No. 

Is YAJNA or other rituals necessary? Again No. 

Is fasting necessary for it? Again No.

 Is austerity necessary for it? Again the answer is the same...No, No, No. 

Now the question will arise,  what IS  necessary or essential for it? 

Answer: For the unfoldment of Divine Love, simple sincerity is required. And in any lot that befalls, calm contentment is required. And no attempt of guile (fraud) or resentment is required. And joyful tranquility is required. And not to depend on others, nor make them foes is required. And the absence of fear is required. And No attachment for action, name, fame, or ownership or property is to be  required. And Yes,  skill or knowledge is required. Also a Sinless, anger free  life is required. 

Furthermore, a  complete Awareness, Plasticity, and unreserved Surrender is required. 

And the Heart's attitude that “All is one, All else is None" is required. 

And since only one can enter into the narrow passage of Divine Love at one time, so Alone-ness is required. 

And all these can  only become possible when the Mind remains  unoccupied, completely blank, and the Heart remains virgin by the help of deep  contemplation , surrender and  Meditation:
Self-observing meditation, Self-uplifting meditation, and Stateless-state realizing meditation, All inviting  Divine  Love and Grace to descend upon the Seeker to merge with Guru and God."

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Om Peace, Peace, Peace

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January - February 2021

 Dear Friends and Family, 

A Blessed New Year to One and All, 

This Mantra is a reminder of our true being so we can experience the Oneness dwelling deep in All our hearts.
A reminder Not to dwell on the me-me-me but make our mantra: 
"We are One in heart and spirit"

May we always think of others, serve others, and honor that "Sat Chid Ananda" consciousness within: "Existence, Knowledge, Bliss"
आम् सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः ।                                 OM SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAḤ,
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।                                              SARVE SHANTU NIRĀMAYĀḤ,
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यनतु ।                                          SARVE BHADRĀṆI PAŚHYANTU,
मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ।।                                 MĀA KAŚCID DHUKHA-BHĀAG BHAVET.

May all see and experience what is auspicious.  
May happiness be unto All,
May Perfect health be unto All 
May All see good in everyone
May All be free from suffering

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Om Peace, Peace, Peace

December 2020
"When we're gathered in celebration, that's when we have to watch out for Satan.”
"The veil parted.  I heard the resonating harmony and saw the golden glow."
Ma'am Fatu Seck - African woman Saint
Dear friends,
Wishing All Light and Love this Holiday Season, and Always. 
This time of year is opt time to reflect on who we are in essence and what the "wise ones" describe and warn us about.  All this has been delineated, meditated upon, and time tested for thousands of years. Yet despite the tremendous advances in all fields of sciences (primarily focused on material bodies, objects, and universe), science still has Not been able to capture the Secret of the essence of Consciousness. 
Now let us reflect on these teachings:
“That Light which is residing in the Sun illumines the whole world. 
That which also reflects the moon, know that Light to be mine.”  
Bhagavad Gita chapter 15 verse 12 
This verse is a reminder of the All pervasiveness of the Self and that as the Sun is the cause and the source of the light by which it illumines the world. It resides within as the Light of Consciousness.
Tat Tvam Asi (तत् त्वम् असि) – Thou Art That, 
“That” is the essence referring to “Sat” (सत्), the True essence which is unchangeable, our true nature. 
Chandogya Upanishad
Now from a down to earth point of view by our Guruji, Swami Yogiraj Nanak. He has devoted His lifetime to Self-inquiry, study and practice of Yoga and Vedanta, imbibing their essence. He has given us invaluable and precious pathways towards Self Realization:  
"It is my observation that man spends his entire life in struggling to gain success, fame, wealth, land, control of nations. He wants to possess the whole world but wants short-cuts to reach God, who he feels is otherwise unattainable. In reality, it is the other way around. It is not possible for man to ever lose God, and certainly Not possible for him to gain this world. But this simple fact eludes him. So he spends his entire life energies and efforts in trying to possess this world - an impossible task, and does Not direct his energies towards reaching God who Is attainable. Thus, he spends his life in fruitless efforts running after mirages which end in disappointments whereas the Infinite reality of God waits to be discovered. If only man can realize this early enough so he will not strive and waste his energies. Instead move forward to what Is attainable - the Grace of Guru and God.

When one attains this Supreme state it becomes effortless to see the True Beauty, Glory, and Sweetness of life. Through my meditation experience I can sum this up as: 

The greatest beauty of life is in - Orderliness 
The greatest glory of life is in - Self-lessness
The greatest sweetness of life is in - Nearness (soulful relationship)

In fact, the greatest achievement in life is to assimilate its true beauty, glory, and sweetness and reflect it through one’s life. This is the reason I advocate Meditation. Only Meditation makes this possible. 

My Best Wishes and Blessings are with you on your Journey"
Swami Yogiraj Nanak

Om Shanthi mei, Om Jyotir mei, Om Ananda mei

Om Peace, Om Light, Om Bliss

We are hosting a Christmas eve Meditation for world peace and healing

November 2020

May the Light of Diwali shine on every one of you and Protect you

The Special Significance of the Light of Diwali:

'That is the Light of All the Lights, said to be beyond darkness; 

 Knowledge, the knowable, and the goal of knowledge

seated  in the Hearts of all.'

jyoti shaamapi tajjyoti stamsaha paramuchyate |
jnyaanam jnyeyam jnyaanagamyam

hridi sarvasya vishthitam || Bhagavad Gita chapter 13 verse 17 ||

In this verse Shri Krishna comments that the eternal essence is the “light among all the lights.” The word “light” in the Vedas refers to awareness, to knowledge. Ultimately, it is the eternal essence that provides the power of awareness, the power to know, to all beings. Without this Eternal essence, we would have no awareness, no sentience. It doesn’t matter whether one is a student or a retiree, a laborer or a professional, a parent or a housewife, here No prior knowledge is needed.

Just like the word “light” refers to Knowledge, the word “darkness” refers to Ignorance. By saying that the eternal essence is beyond ignorance, Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita verse points out the uniqueness of the awareness aspect of the eternal essence. If we light a lamp in a dark room, it dispels the darkness since we cannot have darkness and light coexist. But the Eternal essence is still present in individuals who are ignorant of it. 

There are those rare souls, beings on this planet who as seekers have realized their True nature and devoted their lives to sharing their insights and transmitting these Truths to us. That is why we come across the statement in many prominent spiritual texts reminding us that: “a human birth is rare to attain.” Our Swami Yogiraj has reminded us on many occasions, and particularly on his Birthday, so we understand the value in attaining a human birth and use it properly for it’s intended purpose. In Fact Swamiji has reminded us to see His Birthday as being our very own Birthday. How many of those hearing this from Him have truly cared to grasp fully, living a disciplined life of devotion, and imbibing His precious practices given by Him to us? 

If we truly, honestly, systematically study these secret and sacred teachings, the eternal essence comes into our awareness as “jneyam,” knowledge. It is through constant contemplation, reflection and meditation does the eternal essence become “jnyaanagamyam”, the goal of knowledge, where all notions of duality are removed and we remain established in the eternal essence. 
Shri Krishna concludes this shloka by reminding us that all these three stages – preparation, study and reflection – are enabled only through the intellect, which is referred to  as the “hridi” or residing in the heart of All beings. We as humans have the capability to access this eternal truth residing within our very hearts. We only need to be present, be aware, pay attention and  be in company of the wise, stay away from the wicked and have the ability to discern one from the other. 


May the Light of Diwali bring Light to us One and All.

Om Shanthi mei, Om Jyotir mei, Om Ananda mei

Om Peace and Light and Bliss


October 2020

"Reject the thoughts that distract you from your goal. 
Discard the temptations and the desires that stop you from reaching your ultimate goal. 
Learn to choose." 

Bhagavad Gita Verse 70 #2 

Dear Friends,

October 8th is a very auspicious day, our beloved Guruji’s Jayanthi and his 93rd Birthday. We are holding a Special Birthday celebration and reflection and 5pm this evening. Join us in Spirit and feel free to contact us with any insights, inner calling to receive Guru mantra initiation, or any other queries, We are here to serve you. 

We also remember and miss our dear brother, Gurubhai, Harish ji. His deep devotions, service and depth of understanding of Guru’s teachings and His essence remain unparalleled. Please check out these links in His memory 

English version  https://youtu.be/IH6n9nmBe_8

Hindi version   https://youtu.be/z10uEWY9d4c

 Navratri is here, the 8 days of Goddess Durga in battlefield with the dark forces, the demons to help restore order and dharma to the world.

Come join us for Puja, chant verses from Devi Mahatmyam, and worship Devi in her varied forms to help harmonize our hearts, minds, and spirits.

Drumming Invocations and attunement by Jerry Maharaj

Prasad served to All for All

 Saturday, Oct 17 4pm for the first Puja  Durga/Kali

Thursday, Oct 22nd 5pm Durga/Lakshmi/Saraswati 

Sunday, Oct 26th 4pm Vijayadashami Day of Victory!

In brief, the various Dehypnotic Meditation techniques developed by Swami Yogiraj Nanak fall into five basic categories:

1- Meditations for the Relaxation of body and mind
2-Meditations for the removal of defects and distortions of the body and mind
3-Meditations to help strengthen and steady the mind
4-Healing meditation techniques to help cure physical, mental and psychosomatic disorders
5-Transcending meditations for spiritual development and enriching life with divine energy


*If anyone would like the opportunity to be intimately introduced to a particular Meditation, this can be arranged via Zoom. Just contact me, and we can set up a time.


With Much Love and Light.

Om Prem Mei, Om Jyotih Mei, Om Shantih Mei


August/September 2020

"May you not be held nor owned by anyone, yet …May you belong to everyone,
May you find your deepest wellsprings of strength
Devotion and perseverance at this time for the benefit of All beings Everywhere"
                                                                                                     Paui Keoni Chun

Dear Friends,


We hope everyone is doing well and adjusting  to the New normal as we know it since the Covid closures began. These "closures" are challenging since it came suddenly, something unpredictable. We may have our own theories about what’s happening, who is responsible etc, but essentially there is nothing we can do to change circumstances. But what we can and should, and many are doing, is try to connect and dive deeper inside ourselves and ease the burden to navigate the world around us. To connect and think of others. We are All in this together and our perfect opportunity to finally get it right, to feel the connection with each other, with all folks and fully grasp that we  are all going through same type challenges, allowing our compassion and love to swell from deep within. Just living in day to day survival mode  is not a fulfilling way to carry on, but seeing ourselves as part of all humanity breaks that separation of me and you.

Last month, August we held 2 unannounced events, On August 8th, the Birthday of our dear beloved brother Harish ji Joshi, we had a small in person Satsang. Jerry, our professional  drummer and devotee created a drumming Invocation. We also offered special prayers, chanting, special meditation and shared our beautiful memories of him and his inspiring presence and affect on our lives. A special Prasad in His memory was offered and shared. As well a very special Tribute to Harish ji was added the existing Sutras of Yogiraj on youtube .Please check it out and view as below.

English version  https://youtu.be/IH6n9nmBe_8

Hindi version   https://youtu.be/z10uEWY9d4c


Then August 22nd was Ganesh Chaturdi, the Birthday of Ganapati, the elephant God, yes, the son of the great Lord Siva. There are many enlightening stories related to Ganesh and Siva we will not address here, but all point to the significance of this most auspicious day, event that traditionally is celebrated for 5 full days because it is Ganesh that  is considered as the remover of obstacles and one who is acknowledged as starting all Anew. This particular year this lunar date  coincided with the Birthday of our dear sister and friend Jennifer, aka Radha who has been playing an active role for many, many years, has often visited our Guruji Yogiraj in India over the years as well as most recently joined our pilgrimage to Kada Ashram, the abode of Baba Maluk Das. So this August 22nd we had a celebration that also included a very special Transcending Meditation of Yogiraj, the Param Siddha Dhyan Yog Sadhana as was originally translated by our Harish ji and conducted by Diksha.