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MAY 2018 Monthly News

Buddha Jayanthi Purnima May 2580

"We must invite reflection into our daily life leaving behind words, thoughts, goals, actions, and just stop “Doing” in order to “Be”.
For a few minutes daily to stop all wanting and seeking, disengage ourselves fully from all forms of reasoning and action and simply learn to be present in the
Here and Now.
Listen, become aware, and fully experience the calling and the longing deep within. This is a gift, a blessing that is our connection with our inner Buddha as He guides us to seek the genuine and fully realized Buddha or Guru without."

This month we pay special tribute to Buddha on the occasion of Buddha Jayanthi Purnima taking place worldwide, honoring the great Sage Buddha, and His teachings.  We have introduced special practices from the Buddhist tradition and you will have a rare opportunity to experience the profound similarities between Buddha’s teachings and that of our very own Guru ji Yogiraj Nanak Chand.

Through our Soundcloud channel we introduce 3 main chants of Buddha (also explained in our Monthly Sadhana section of our website). Experienced meditators and those wishing to start an ongoing daily practice now have an opportunity to join in this month special Buddha sadhana practices and celebration.

As a reminder for those who are new, select a conducive, quiet space for your daily practice. You may keep an image of the Buddha or one of your own inspired  choosing. Make it a place where you come back daily and continue expanding on the positive energy and vibrations created through the practice and the grace flowing from it.

If you are new to our practices, do sign up with us and join in by sending your
Email to hlistopad@gmail.com
Share and communicate about your practice, how it is going and if any clarification is needed. We are always here to serve your higher self and help you stay inspired and connected.

As reminder, following a Satvic Yogic diet, a cruelty free dietary lifestyle is what helps most to befriend the mind, to develop a unified personality, and to advance on the path towards Self-realization.

 “You can’t be an environmentalist, you can’t be an ocean steward, without truly walking the walk. And you can’t walk the walk in the world of the future – the world ahead of us, the world of our children – without eating a plant-based diet.”

“Our appetite for flesh and for the products that come from the bodies of animals, combined with our growing human population, has caused us to create systems of animal ‘farming’ that are not only Completely Unsustainable in the long-term, but are also immediately Damaging to many of the natural Eco-systems that we depend on, including rain-forests, rivers, oceans, grasslands, marshes, and even the atmosphere… Despite assertions to the contrary, even ‘free-range’ or ‘grass-fed’ animal farming is destructive to the natural environment.”

“I’m healthier, I’ve got more energy, my cardio endurance has about doubled… It’s amazing, but setting aside the health benefits, how often do you get that kind of incredible win-win, where you can really transform the planet, and it’s actually possible?”

Cameron further explains that "By changing what you eat, you will change the entire contract between the human species and the natural world.” When asked what’s the best thing an individual can do to fight climate change, Cameron said,
“Stop eating animals!"

James Cameron

We at Yogavani Mission are always here to help serve your Higher Self!

In Love and Light
Om Shanti Mei, Om Prem Mei, Om Sadhana Mei

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