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Dear friends,

Indeed these are very difficult and challenging times we find ourselves in.  Every level of our existence is being challenged: physical, mental, and even spiritual. When our very existence is being threatened as it is nowadays, then nervousness, anxiety, and depression can easily  overwhelm us. Now is the time to come together as a community, reach out to one another and find ways to help heal this world.  A mantra given by Gurus, by Spiritual teachers, can help us navigate this challenging situation.

We are suggesting:
 “Om Sarvatmane Namaha”, a universal mantra our
Swamiji Yogiraj Nanak introduced.
Translated from Sanskrit means:
 “I Now Bow, I Pronom to All the inhabitants of this Universe.”  This includes humans and All the living beings inhabiting this Terra Firma.
By repeating this mantra we connect with the Universal consciousness.

How to prepare to use this mantra?

Step #1- Inhale and Exhale slowly and deeply,  at least 10 times.
Deep breathing will help us calm down
Step #2 - Remain silent for few minutes and observe the effects of deep breathing.
Step# 3 - Repeat this mantra vocally, rhythmically, “ Om Sarvatmane Namaha” (50 times ).
Do not rush through it.
Chant with love and devotion.  Experience the deep meaning of this mantra, feel its vibrations resonating around your Aura body.

Another powerful way is to chant Guru mantra a mantra handed down, transmitted from an Enlightened master.
This type of Mantra is meant only for those who have been Initiated by our
Guru Swami Yogiraj Nanak.
Here too we use the same 3 Step process as above. The difference is that this Initiated mantra is secret and  repeated silently (mentally).

Connecting through Mantra will help heal, giving us solace and peace.
“Eternal Peace that Surpasseth all understanding.”
Om Shantih ,Shantih, Shantih

With Much, Much Love to Everyone.

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