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July 2018 Monthly News

"When you speak He is silent, when you are silent He speaks."

 Swami Yogiraj Nanak, ‘Guruji’

(and our special Monthly Sadhana shows the way)

Dear friends and seekers on the path,
Now as our most sacred July Full Moon Day is arriving (Friday, July 27th), known by Yoga students and practitioners world over as Guru Purnima, we honor and pay tribute to all the Sages, yogis, and Guru’s who have given us the practices and teachings of Yoga. It is only because of these originally orally transmitted practices from Guru to student, disciple that Yoga is still practiced today worldwide. Only later on in our Yoga history these practices were put into text format as we have now the Hatha Yoga Pradipaka, the Vijjnana Bhairava tantra, Patanjali Yoga sutras, and other scientifically formulated texts by these great Yogi masters and available to us by their grace for our practice, study and contemplation. And let us still acknowledge that even today, we still need teachers and Guru’s to help us understand, interpret properly and practice all the delineated aspects Yoga. Buddhist and Jain practitioners likewise celebrate Guru Purnima as stemming from the same sacred soil and texts of India.
The qualities of the heart and mind can only grow in fertile soil of practices that have been laid down for us. This is exactly the reason it is important to practice yoga and meditation when things are relatively easy, so that in midst of challenging situations our minds can be accustomed to feeling of this spacious stillness with a sharp, discriminating mind. Resting in this space, touching it even for a brief moment in midst of challenges and difficulties, without resorting to feelings of lethargy or blind and indifferent acceptance and choosing the highest, best action, is vital for our sustained transformation to keep occurring in midst of our daily lives.
This is also the most auspicious time seekers and students traditionally request initiation into a sacred mantra to help step up in their spiritual practices
(sadhana) and receive guidance in meditation and in embracing and simplifying the practical day to day life. It is all in the ‘air’, as the atmosphere is charged with powerful healing energy, divine love and devotion, bringing us easily in touch with our inner light and wisdom.

"We must invite reflection into our daily life leaving behind words, thoughts, goals, actions, and just stop “Doing” in order to “Be”.
For a few minutes daily to stop all wanting and seeking, disengage ourselves fully from all forms of reasoning and action and simply learn to be present in the
Here and Now.
Listen, become aware, and fully experience the calling and the longing deep within. This is a gift, a blessing that is our connection with our inner Buddha as He guides us to seek the genuine and fully realized Buddha or Guru without."

We at Yogavani Mission are always here to help serve your Higher Self!

In Love and Light
Om Shanti Mei, Om Prem Mei, Om Sadhana Mei

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