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We at Yogavani wish  everyone a Peaceful and Blessed New Year 2018

We are sharing with you a very Special New Year Message from Swami Yogiraj Nanak from year 2012. Enjoy this and share it with other others, seekers on the spiritual path, so they too may benefit and gain insights.

“I begin my message for the New Year with a short story.
One day a disciple of Lord Buddha asked: ‘I have been listening to your discourses for very long time but have neither found peace or bliss.’
Lord Buddha replied: ‘There were three farmers all growing maze in their fields. One farmer had his field in hard, rocky, unfertile ground. The second farmer had a slightly fertile field and the third farmer had all fertile land. The yield from the crop of the three farmers was according to the fertility of their soil. So now I ask you, what kind of soil have you prepared within yourself to reap the crops of peace and bliss? This depends on the success of your efforts.’
Now I ask you the same question, what preparation have you made to make your inner self fertile and receive my priceless blessings? We all know that within us exists both light and darkness. It is for us to decide which one we want to increase. We cannot reduce the darkness within but it is possible for us to increase the Light and thereby the darkness will itself be dispelled. True, this is not as simple as it sounds. But it is possible to increase the Inner Radiance. There are several steps to be taken because lighting a small earthen lamp can only dispel a fraction of the light outside.”

Generally, we allow ourselves to be dominated by our thoughts. Instead, there are ways to control the mind so that our Intellect can take correct decisions towards our Inner radiance. According to Yogiraj and Yoga, as we direct ourselves within we help open up and discover our capacity, potential, and with proper effort can get spontaneously sucked into the vortex of this  inner freedom and blissfulness.

Yogiraj delineates: “Let me show you the way to increase this Inner radiance….

* If you light the torch of thoughts, you will illumine (remove) the darkness of mind
* If you light the torch of your intellect, there will be greater illumination of your wisdom
* If you light the torch of your Self, there will be greater illumination/radiance of the Atman (Soul)
*If you light the torch of your Atman then you will see the complete luminescence of Paramatma or the Supreme consciousness... and the entire Cosmos will be filled by this Radiance.

May my message inspire you in this New Year to pause and meditate and stay on this  path to  freedom and illumination

Blessings and Love,

Yogiraj Nanak"

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In Love and Light
Om Shanti Mei, Om Prem Mei, Om Sadhana Mei

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