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"If you have Love in your Heart, you do not need to announce it.

 It overflows"

Baba Maluk Das  (translation from original Hindi)

We wish for everyone true love, divine love, true joy and contentment. To seek and discover the boundless love within. A question arrises,  where and how to find this, and what is the meaning of love? 

Narada is His "Bhakti Sutras" is filled with aphorisms on this subject of Love and Devotion.

He asks, What will busy men of action in the world do? Have they the time and inner preparedness for pursuing this great path of Love and devotion? 

A very powerful observation of the human condition and tendency existing throughout ages, and applies even more so in this age of extreme materialism, tendency towards shallow thinking, and acceptance of a limited love. 

Love is a link that connects, a force that attracts, therefore, when one establishes oneself in the relationship of  true love, Divine Love, it transcends all limitations of body and mind. Narada in his Bhakti sutras makes a clear distinction between ordinary love  and pure Divine love. In this lower love, he says the lover always expects knowingly or unknowingly something in return, but in Love supreme, love is a relationship that grows in Joy and ecstasy. Therefore there can never be any anxiety over anything in True Love. 

To love Truly is to add true Wealth to ones life. 

This is Prem, This is Yoga, and IS possible to experience through ongoing sadhana, meditation practice and by the grace and devotion to God and Guru .

May All good folk, divine souls yearn for this Supreme Wealth. Then we can All surely live as a One Happy, contented Divine family.

Om Prem me, Om Bhakti me, Om Ananda me.

May we be filled with Love, Devotion, and Bliss.

We are always here to help serve your Higher Self!  

With Blessings and Love

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Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 

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