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"May you not be held nor owned by anyone, yet …May you belong to everyone,
May you find your deepest wellsprings of strength
Devotion and perseverance at this time for the benefit of All beings Everywhere"
                                                                                                     Paui Keoni Chun

Dear Friends,


We hope everyone is doing well and adjusting  to the New normal as we know it since the Covid closures began. These "closures" are challenging since it came suddenly, something unpredictable. We may have our own theories about what’s happening, who is responsible etc, but essentially there is nothing we can do to change circumstances. But what we can and should, and many are doing, is try to connect and dive deeper inside ourselves and ease the burden to navigate the world around us. To connect and think of others. We are All in this together and our perfect opportunity to finally get it right, to feel the connection with each other, with all folks and fully grasp that we  are all going through same type challenges, allowing our compassion and love to swell from deep within. Just living in day to day survival mode  is not a fulfilling way to carry on, but seeing ourselves as part of all humanity breaks that separation of me and you.

Last month, August we held 2 unannounced events, On August 8th, the Birthday of our dear beloved brother Harish ji Joshi, we had a small in person Satsang. Jerry, our professional  drummer and devotee created a drumming Invocation. We also offered special prayers, chanting, special meditation and shared our beautiful memories of him and his inspiring presence and affect on our lives. A special Prasad in His memory was offered and shared. As well a very special Tribute to Harish ji was added the existing Sutras of Yogiraj on youtube .Please check it out and view as below.

English version  https://youtu.be/IH6n9nmBe_8

Hindi version   https://youtu.be/z10uEWY9d4c


Then August 22nd was Ganesh Chaturdi, the Birthday of Ganapati, the elephant God, yes, the son of the great Lord Siva. There are many enlightening stories related to Ganesh and Siva we will not address here, but all point to the significance of this most auspicious day, event that traditionally is celebrated for 5 full days because it is Ganesh that  is considered as the remover of obstacles and one who is acknowledged as starting all Anew. This particular year this lunar date  coincided with the Birthday of our dear sister and friend Jennifer, aka Radha who has been playing an active role for many, many years, has often visited our Guruji Yogiraj in India over the years as well as most recently joined our pilgrimage to Kada Ashram, the abode of Baba Maluk Das. So this August 22nd we had a celebration that also included a very special Transcending Meditation of Yogiraj, the Param Siddha Dhyan Yog Sadhana as was originally translated by our Harish ji and conducted by Diksha .


In brief, the various Dehypnotic Meditation techniques developed by Swami Yogiraj Nanak fall into five basic categories:

1- Meditations for the Relaxation of body and mind
2-Meditations for the removal of defects and distortions of the body and mind
3-Meditations to help strengthen and steady the mind
4-Healing meditation techniques to help cure physical, mental and psychosomatic disorders
5-Transcending meditations for spiritual development and enriching life with divine energy


If anyone would like the opportunity to be intimately introduced to a particular Meditation, this can be arranged via Zoom. Just contact me, and we can set up a time.


With Much Love and Light.

Om Prem Mei, Om Jyotih Mei, Om Shantih Mei


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