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“Fearlessness grew as fear vanished, transcending the limits
Felt like Infinity, and the body lit up as the Soul enlightened”

"Anbhay upaja bhay gaya, had taja behud (without boundaries) laga
Ghat ujiara ho raha, jab Atam jaga” 

as transliterated in Roman script from original couplet
Baba Sant Maluk Das

Dear friends and seekers on the path,

We are Celebrating the 445th Birth Anniversary (Jayanthi) of Baba Sant Maluk Das on Wednesday April 24th.  
Baba Sant Maluk Das was a poet Saint whose mission was to lift masses from the morass of mundane life towards spiritual upliftment because enriching our mundane life is essential to make humans truly humane. He appeared to revive the spirit of religion and to help bring in peace and harmony through His poetry and teachings. Our Guruji Swami Yogiraj Nanak, descendent of Baba Maluk Das described: “His most precious gift to seekers is the Gift of Fearlessness (Anbhay)”

What is this Fearlessness He is referring too?

For those embarking on a spiritual quest, it  is about having faith and devotion to ones Guru.

Why faith and devotion?
Because the path is filled with numerous fears and anxieties and endless emotional hurdles, so tuning ones own soul with the Universal Soul is essential. It is the enlightened Guru who can guide one to help make this connection.

What is the fear where these emotions emanate from?

It is the fear of being alone in this vast Universe. The aim of spirituality is to remove this fear of feeling alone by aligning us with this seemingly vast Universe through Meditation, a way in which anyone can connect and be One with It.

Yogiraj’s life was a perfect example of the Fearlessness that Baba Maluk Das speaks of.  He connected with his Guru omnisciently by going deep into Meditation in midst of the ruins of Kada ashram. Surrounded by snakes, reptiles, and numerous physical  discomforts  and challenges, he didn’t  leave or run away, but heard the inner calling of Baba Maluk Das, pursued his sadhana, received the transmission, the enlightenment from His Guru and passed on this message of love and fearlessness to other seekers just as Maluk Das has done centuries earlier across the whole Indian sub continent. Swamiji Yogiraj was the one to rebuild this original birthplace and ashram of Baba Maluk Das at Kada.

All the great sages down the centuries as Jesus, Buddha, Mahavir, and others have inculcated this spirit of Fearlessness before becoming enlightened and passed it on.  Let us Celebrate this 445th Jayanthi of Baba Maluk Das through deep Meditation and connect our soul with His Soul. Anyone can get into a Meditation space. The Meditative Journey is very short and easy contrary to the general perception that it is beyond our capacity. All we need is to connect with our Soul and hear the inner voice calling us so we can truly experience the entire Universe as Ours and in process help others make this connection as well.

With Love and a Fearless Spirit.

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih - Eternal Peace

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