Swamiji  Reveals

Swamiji Reveals

Seven States of Self Awareness

What is Agynana (Ignorance)?
    The world is continuously slipping; it is in transition.
    Not being able to see this.
What is Gyana (Knowledge)?
    Doubt - Can I be devoid of knowledge? Am I ignorant?
Vicharna (Contemplation)
    I should listen to the voice of the Realized Ones.
    I must ponder upon what they say.
An-asakti (Detachment)
    You begin to question the perceptions you receive through your senses
    and start detaching from them.
Satya patti (Inception of Truth)
    The mind starts turning away from the world and realization dawns that
    someone within is thirsty.
Upeksha Bhava (Attitude of Indifference)
    Now the seeker stops paying any heed to the presence or
    absence of external objects.
Samrasta (Integration)
    Everything is interconnected with everything else and you can perceive
    that all dividers have dissolved. On reaching this state the seeker
    becomes a mere spectator.
Turriya-teet (Beyond Perceptions)
    This is the state of Samadhi. Here the seeker goes beyond the gross,
    subtle and causal states.
                                           -  Swami Yogiraj Nanak