Guru Purnima

Yogavani "Observation" - Celebration

on the eve of GP Monday, July 15th 5pm

If you wish to learn more and receive initiation

into the sacred Guru Mantra in this sacred, 

tantric tradition please contact us before 

July 16th.

We at Yogavani Mission are always here to help 

serve your Higher Self!

With Love and a Fearless Spirit 


Om Shanti  - Eternal Peace



Contact harish.joshi@verizon.net or hlistopad@gmail.com for more information


**All guided Dehypnotic Meditations are devised by YOGIRAJ NANAK, founder of DEHYPNOTIC MEDITATION** and the guiding light of Yogavani Mission.   

***Yogiraj Nanak studied and practiced various methods of meditation prevailing in the world. With his experience and research, a unique technique "DEHYPNOTIC MEDITATION" has been developed, ensuring amazing results. It's practice helps the practitioner to: