Sunday Sept. 29th  5 pm
Navratri Celebration and Rosh Hashonah
Special Chants from Devi Mahatmyam and Meditation
Rosh Hashonah-Jewish New Year begins

Tuesday October 1st  6pm
Navratri Meditation
Navratri is considered an important time for physical, mental and spiritual purification and transformation. Cosmic energy is personified  as Devī or Durgā, Mother of the universe, vanquishing in battle all the demons or forces of darkness and ignorance.
Evening Meditation  will include chanting from the Devī Māhātmyam and chants for world peace and healing.


Tuesday October 8th  4:30pm
Jayanthi (Birthday) Celebration of our beloved
Gurudev Swamiji Yogiraj
and Vijay Dashami, Victory Day
this day concludes the 9 days of Navratri in which the Goddess - The Mother of the Universe fought and defeated all the demons and demonic forces outside (and inside)


Sunday, October 13th 


Full Moon Meditation

Yogiraj Jayanthi (Birthday) 


and honoring of his Murti 

includes sharings and Prasad 

We at Yogavani Mission are always here to help 

serve your Higher Self!

With Love and a Fearless Spirit 


Om Shanti  - Eternal Peace



Contact harish.joshi@verizon.net or hlistopad@gmail.com for more information


**All guided Dehypnotic Meditations are devised by YOGIRAJ NANAK, founder of DEHYPNOTIC MEDITATION** and the guiding light of Yogavani Mission.   

***Yogiraj Nanak studied and practiced various methods of meditation prevailing in the world. With his experience and research, a unique technique "DEHYPNOTIC MEDITATION" has been developed, ensuring amazing results. It's practice helps the practitioner to: