Towards A Sane Life

Towards a Sane Life

In modern times the main ailment which affects man is madness. Almost everyone suffers from this to a greater or lesser extent. The only difference is that in some people this madness has surfaced and become visible so they have been placed in mental asylums. In the rest of us, this madness is suppressed and locked up in the subconscious mind or duplicate self which lurks below the surface. Such type of madness is even more dangerous because it is not visible and its unsuspecting victims cannot protect themselves from it. The outward self appears normal, healthy, and mentally sound but hidden below it is the mentally unsound or sick "duplicate" who acts surreptitiously and only comes to the fore when we are alone or with similarly mad people. This unsound "double" receives its succor or nourishment from the trough of hidden egotistical desires, childhood deprivations, hatreds, blind religious fanaticism, myopic vision or attitudes, past conditioning, suppressed emotions, and other disorders in personality which the society teaches us to cover up rather than cure.

In fact, many schools of thought help us to support our madness because they offer palliatives or solutions to quit any pricks of conscience or sense of guilt which may result from our insane (senseless) acts. For example, a blind belief in the theory of destiny, or the fact that all happens in this world is predestined to happen, absolves one of owning responsibility for one's own acts, which are attributed to an inevitable destiny. Similarly, Freud relates the psychological make up of an individual to his/her childhood experiences and family and social upbringing, The individual mind is made out as a sum total of what has been fed into the subconscious mind in childhood and the person considered as a victim of his own psyche and not a perpetrator of his own actions. Karl Marx, on the other hand, justified that it is the economic factors and the distribution of wealth between the "haves" and "have-nots" which determines the fate of people and nations and the course of history. Thus, even the most inhuman acts get justified in the name of history or polity of nations.

No one seems to take time off to think that inhuman acts, whatever the label or justification one may give them, do not end with the achievement of their objective. They trigger off a chain of negative waves or vibrations, which multiply and magnify a thousand-fold, and can go beyond the control of the originator thereby engulfing him. Just as good perpetrates itself so also evil is self-perpetrating. At the root of the collective madness is our individual madness, which remains hidden even from us. If we are to put an end to this circle of madness, each one of us has to introspect and identify within ourselves our own hidden insanity. We think we are sane but then no man knows his own insanity. If we were to know about it that would the first step towards its cure. So each one of us, individually and collectively, have to analyze and discover our own special madness or "kink". The malaise once uncovered has to be destroyed either where it lies suppressed within the psyche or allowed to surface and burst there like an empty bubble.

Science does not offer any solution to this problem. The only proven method is meditation, or looking within the self, to discover the deep-seated mental sickness and then destroy it or rather let it disintegrate under our enlightened vision. The demons of madness which lie buried in our subconscious mind and ego self can be expelled through different types of meditations. Aroma and color meditations are extremely helpful in this and produce mental balance and serenity as also they strengthen our aura body, which protects us from the negative influences. De-hypnotic meditation helps us to free our mind from mental or emotional bondage to others. It breaks the hypnotic spell of borrowed thoughts or ideas, and enables us to start living our own life by our own inner wisdom. Only when this spell is broken, can we realize the true importance of being "human" and not merely "human robots" with mechanical minds, inane actions, and borrowed vision. When the inner wisdom awakens, we are even able to find constructive or positive ways to combat the forces of destruction instead of ourselves adopting the same destructive ideals, which negate humanity and God. This is the reason why I ask people to hear and follow the dictates of only their own soul and none other.