Events in India

Guru Purnima 2019
Kada Ashram

Sunday July 14th
9 am starts Akanda Ramayana recitation.
24 hours Non-stop!

Monday July 15th  
 Breakfast Prasadam concluding recitation of

Akanda Ramayana

July 16th 10AM Guru Puja
Special guests and speakers
and 150 students and their teachers participating

as special guests

Open Bandhara

All day Free Health Camp staffed by Doctors and Nurses
of the Community Health Center of Kada  

This special event is organized by Renu Sethi.
 Renu, born into a lineage of direct disciples of Swami Yogiraj Nanak has been serving Yogiraj at the Dhyan Yog ashram, New Delhi for the last 15 years up through His Mahasamadhi. She was His private secretary and was appointed by Him as one of the 3 caretakers of the Ashram. Renu was Trained by Yogiraj directly in All pertaining to Ashram matters and to His Dehypnotic Meditation techniques and teachings.

Jai Gurudev!!!
 Swamiji Yogiraj Nanak Chand
Sant Baba Maluk Das


Ongoing Events

Daily Arati

Morning 7:30AM-8AM

Evening 7:30PM-8PM

Ramayana Sunderkand Path 



7-9:30 PM