What is Sahaj Samadhi?

What is Sahaj Samadhi?

Before we unravel this mystical experience we need to first understand the difference between a householder and a realized soul or saint. The difference lies in the following:

* A householder has borrowed illumination in his life but a saint has awakened illumination.
* A householder has borrowed laughter, a saint has awakened laughter.
* A householder has borrowed happiness, a saint has awakened happiness.

The different steps in the journey towards achieving self-realization are:
* Swim-till you meet the swift current.
* Flow-till you reach the deep ocean.
* Submerge-till your identity is fully drowned.
* Disperse-till no trace is left.

It is not easy to accept the challenge because when you begin the journey the water appears deep and unfathomable and the tide may be against you. Not being an adept swimmer you have to put in more effort and the going appears tough. This is the testing phase.

Next comes the waiting stage in which you have to persist and sustain till you gainfull confidence and start enjoying the current and flow effortlessly with it. Finally you reach the deep ocean.

This is the inspection or introspection stage. You begin to review. Are you ready to dive into the Ocean? Is your preparation complete? Do you have the confidence and courage? Do you have faith? If yes, then take the plunge into the ocean and see the rich treasures of the waters opening up before your wondrous gaze as you go down deeper and deeper. The myriad shining fishes, the sea horses and sea-anemones, the corals and reefs, the wild spray of sea-weeds and oysters and so many hither to unheard and unseen creatures and plants of the Ocean Kingdom. You are lost completely; your identity is only a tiny speck in the vast, limitless, dimensionless waters.

Even the tiny speck is finally gone and only the ocean remains. Beyond this stage, if the grace of God be upon you, one may rise like a Phoenix from the ocean and attain to the supreme state which is known as "Sahaj Samadhi". This state cannot be described in words nor explained in any language but can only be experienced. Its outward manifestations are:

* You do not want to laugh but laughter spills from you.
* You do not want to dance but your awareness is dancing.
* You do not want to cry but tears roll down.
* You do not want to sing but start humming.
* You do not want to fly but your soul is flying.

This is the final stage of "Sahaj Samadhi". It is the ultimate existential experience which one can have in the gap between motion and stillness, between being alive and without life-a precious timeless interval that transforms all.