Mudras in Yoga and Healing



Mantra for treatment by touch of hand for healing, health and glow:

Both my hands are divine. They can bring prosperity.
They can give a soothing effect.
Moreover, they are more powerful than being simply divine.
All medicines for the diseases of the world lie on my hands.
Touch of hands is capable for well being and healing.

Swami Yogiraj Nanak   

(translation from a Yogic sacred verse with transliteration )

Ayam Me Hasto Bhagwan
Ayam Me Bhagavattara
Ayam Me Vishwa Bheshajo
Ayam Shivaabhimarshanah

Mudra signifies hand gesture, a mystic position of hands or a seal. By touching of hands to each other, bending, crossing or extending fingers we can effectively influence the body and the mind. According to the science of Mudra, the secret of health lies in our fingers. 

The human body is made up of five basic elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether or space. The health of the body depends on the proper balance of these elements. Modern science agrees that different kinds of electromagnetic waves are transmitted from our five different fingers. Thus with the help of our fingers, we can help keep the five elements in balance and help restore health. Mudras are like the remote control buttons of the "chetna" or electricity of the body and help harmonize the body and the mind. Mudras used along with with Nada can further influence the mind by cleansing, balancing and strengthening the chakras and help enhance and deepen meditation. 

There are 15 basic Mudras used in Yoga and for Healing. Gyan Mudra is the basic Meditation Mudra most Yoga practitioners are familiar with (that of touching of the thumb to the index finger). Gyan Mudra helps increase brain power, balance the nervous system, and helps remove sleeplessness.