Q&A with Yogiraj Nanak

Q: You have said that meditation is not doing anything; but the method you have described seems to involve much doing.

Ans: You must understand this well. Meditation is not something you do. Not doing anything is called meditation. We are in meditation when we are doing nothing. The method I have described is a means of reaching meditation, of going from action to inaction; it is but preparation for meditation. Only when all action is left behind does meditation begin.

Q: When I sit in meditation, I am distracted by various sounds. What can I do?

Your sitting in meditation does not cause the world to come to a halt. Clocks will go on, noises continue, and things will fall with a clatter; but they can only distract you if you do not accept them. Suppose you are sitting in meditation and some children are making noise. You do not wish to accept the noise. By not accepting it you give it a certain importance. Now the noise is bound to be an intervention in your meditation. The noise is going on-let it go on. Whatever is coming from outside, let it enter as it is. If you accept it, it will not become an obstacle for you, but will become part of your devotional practice, your silence.

Q: How long should one sit in meditation?

Ans: I have said that there is no restriction of time. Sit as long as you can in comfort. Do not use any force all. There should be no question of sitting-meditation is not a ten minute or half-hour formula. You must make your whole life a meditation.

Is it necessary to have a special place for meditation?

Ans: You can meditate whenever you wish; but in the beginning it is good to have a place which is slightly isolated. Even better is a place where you can be close to nature. Later on this will become unnecessary.

Q: You say that ideas are meaningless. I do not understand how the world's work can go on without ideas?

Ans: Ideas are not only meaningless, they are the biggest obstacles in the search for the self. The thinker is suppressed by the circle of thoughts. It is a false belief that life cannot go on without ideas. The truth is that all turmoil and friction are caused by ideas. Only that wisdom which is born after thought ceases can give the correct answers to life's problems. Ideas complicate problems instead of solving them. Whenever a question arises we try to answer it on the basis of information previously stored in the memory; therefore the answer is incorrect. If the intellect is truly awakened, the solution to any problem is instantaneous, and the matter is quickly finished.