Chakras/Subtle Body

There are seven subtle chakras in our body.  Five of these are located in the Sushumna nadi inside the spinal column and are associated with the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and ether.  The sixth chakra, the Ajana chakra is in the third eye region and the seventh, the Sahasradal Komal is at the top of the head.  These chakras are located in the subtle body at important nerve centers.  Concentration on these chakras leads to purification of the nerves and nerve fibers.  Purification achieved through this process helps the body and mind to grow in peace and remove tension.  The chakras are represented by lotuses, each with a different number of petals.  While the Muladhar chakra at the base of the spine is represented by a lotus of four petals, the Sahasrar chakra at the top of the head is represented by thousands of petals. 

The chakras are connected with each other by nadis or nerve channels.  There are three subtle nadis, which run along the entire vertebral column.  In the center is the Sushumna  nadi wherein all the chakras are located.  To its left is the Ida nadi also known as the Chandra nadi (moon or female) and Pingala nadi also known as Surya nadi (sun or male) on the right.  These two nadis operate as a thermostat, balancing the body temperature.  Ida nadi is the cooling nadi and Pingala is the warming nadi.   

The various techniques of Dehypnotic Meditation and Nada Yoga developed by Swami Yogiraj Nanak are specifically designed to awaken the dormant energy (Kundalini Shakti) in the Muladhar chakra at the base of the spine. As this energy begins its upward ascent from chakra to chakra, the subtle and gross bodies undergo a purification.  The physical health and well-being is restored, mental blocks and tension removed, a general sense of ease and happines is felt, and a creative environment opens up for diving deeper into meditation and experiencing oneness and attunement with nature and the macrocosm.

Swamiji Yogiraj often reminds us: "We travel everywhere, all around, yet we hardly undertake a journey which is only two or three feet long, spanning the distance of our spinal column wherein all secret of life resides. This distance can easily be transversed through meditation."