Dehypnotic Meditation (D.M.)


Swami Yogiraj Nanak in his 50 years of ascetic life and research into the human mind has creatively devised countless meditation techniques to assist the practitioner in the meditation process. All these come under his devised form of Dehypnotic Meditation (D.M.).

Dehypnotic Meditation (D.M.)
is a unique meditation technique based on age-old yoga and metaphysics, integrated with principles of modern science and psychology.  It is an integration of varied time-tested meditation techniques enabling the practitioner's suppressed energies to be quickly activated, transformed, and channeled towards raising the spiritual energy (shakti). The Shakti is essential in physical healing, emotional and psychological balancing, and spiritual awakening. 

The varied meditation "forms" of D.M. enable the practitioner to eliminate tension and anxiety, break old habits, increase energy level, improve concentration, awaken dynamic will power, experience peace and harmony, and deepen the meditation practice itself.  It helps one emerge from the obsessive dependence on external objects and past memories and start living in the present moment.

It is a process of integration or becoming whole. One learns how to command the subconscious mind to keep away negative thoughts which are the main obstacles to harmonious living and spiritual awakening.  Ultimately, as the meditator advances easefully and joyfully in the meditation practice, the meditation form itself dissolves and one enters a deepened state of meditation and transformation - Turya and Samadhi.  

In brief, the various Dehypnotic Meditation techniques developed by Swami Yogiraj Nanak fall into five basic categories:

1- Meditations for the Relaxation of body and mind
2-Meditations for the removal of defects and distortions of the body and mind
3-Meditations to help strengthen and steady the mind
4-Healing meditation techniques to help cure physical, mental and psychosomatic disorders
5-Transcending meditations for spiritual development and enriching life with divine energy

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