Renu Sethi

Renu Sethi

Renu Sethi, whose father was one of the early disciples of Swami Yogiraj Nanak came to stay in the Delhi Ashram in 2004 to help organize with activities and be of assistance to Guruji and Smt. Prakash Kapoor,”Didi”,  Guruji’s foremost disciple since the inception of the Adhyatmic Sadhana Sangh. Swamiji welcomed Renu to have her family join her in ashram. After the Mahasamadhi of Gurudev in 2013 her family decided to leave the ashram and go back to their home residence in Delhi. Renu continues to be affiliated with the Kada Ashram and organizes numerous events including the Annual Winter Charity program. 

Kada Ashram is the main headquarters of Baba Sant Maluk Das out of the numerous centers that existed throughout India during His lifetime and where He was born, lived and taught. Swami Yogiraj spent numerous years as a seeker performing tapasya (penance), intensive sadhana that ultimately brought Him to Self-Realization and to attain to the Gaddhi (lineage) of Baba Sant Maluk Das.

In  Winter 2016 Renu helped organize a pilgrimage, health clinic for the poor and needy,  and retreat for Yogavani Mission devotees and friends at Kada Ashram who also participated in the Kada Winter charity program that year and the Kumba Mela at Allahabad, and clinic.

The main functions and  Programs at Kada Ashram include Guru Purnima, Jayanthi Celebrations and the Annual Winter Charity Program.