Yogavani Mission (YM) is a Not-For-Profit organization inspired under the guidance of the saint philosopher Swami Yogiraj Nanak of India, who in His lifetime as an ascetic, has uniquely blended  the ancient Yogic and Vedantic scriptural texts and teachings with contemporary philosophical and  psychological trends.

The purpose of the mission is: 

1. To bring to light the ancient authoritative teachings of yoga and meditation and through its practices, help individuals develop a unified, well integrated, joyful personality.

 For this purpose Yogiraj has devised what he coined " Asammohan dhyan Sadhana", translated as "Dehypnotic meditation (D.M.) practice(s)”, techniques which help deepen the sense of well being, relaxation, Self awareness, Self observation, reflection and help maintain a joyful disposition in life.

2. Yogavani Mission conducts satsangs, discourses, universal chantings and prayers which imbibe Universal values. It is a secular organization and its doors are open to all without distinction to gender, race, caste or religion.