Yogavani Mission (YM) is a Not-For-Profit organization set up under the guidance of the saint philosopher Yogiraj Nanak of India, who in his 50 years of ascetic life, has uniquely blended ancient yoga philosophy with modern psychological thoughts.

The purpose of the mission is:

1. To spread the message of yoga and meditation and through its practices help individuals develop a healthy and integrated personality. To accomplish this purpose, Yogiraj has devised Dehypnotic Meditation (D.M.) technique which include the use of:

* sound

* color

* design (Manadala)

* affirmations

* visualization

* observation

These fall under various aspects of Yoga, such as Nada Yoga and Tantra Yoga. Breathing practices (pranayama), yogic gestures (mudras), and movements (asanas) are integral tools of the practice.

2. In addition to meditation practices the mission conducts discourses, chanting and prayers which teach universal values. It is a secular organization and its doors are open to all without distinction to gender, race or religion.