Diksha has been shaped and influenced by remarkable teachers throughout her life in all fields of knowledge and pursuits. Initially initiated by Swami Satchidananda, she received thorough training in Integral Yoga and served in various capacities including teaching at the Integral Yoga Institute NY. By Gurudevs inspiration and grace she spent numerous years in India initially under the prestigious Fulbright comparative music research grant followed by the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) fellowship. 


Remaining in India, Diksha devoted herself to visiting various holy places of pilgrimage and came in direct contact with the great Saint, Swami Yogiraj Nanak ji Maharaj, the descendant and heir (Ghaddhi) of the 16th century poet saint Baba Sant Maluk das. His teachings, deeply rooted in Advaita Vedanta with a unique, intimate creative approach to Yoga Sadhana coined 'Asammohan' (dehypnotic) 'dhyan sadhna’ helped shape Diksha’s spiritual journey with His direct, intimate guidance, instructions, and grace.


In direct contact with Yogiraj since 1989, Diksha helped organize USA retreats at His ashrams in Delhi and at Kada, Koushambi, the abode of Baba Sant Maluk das. Swamiji came several times to the USA, conducting various camps, discourses and meditations arranged and organized by Diksha and Harish Joshi who helped found Yogavanimission.org. Yogiraj took Mahasamadhi on March 1, 2013. His Samadhi rests at His ashram shrine at Kada, alongside that of Baba Sant Maluk Das 


During the covid lock down of 2020 various live streams appeared on the scene. Though exposed to numerous, one that caught Diksha’s immediate attention and struck a deep tone was one conducted daily by Swami Anubhavananda Saraswati. His direct, scripture based satsangs and revelations deeply influenced her, spoke to her heart, and helped deepen her connection with Him, the Scriptures and sadhana. Diksha came in direct contact with Swamiji during His USA tour soon after and since has traveled to India several times attending Swamiji’s retreats and programs.


Swami Anubhavananda ji continues to be Diksha’s Guiding light by the Grace of God and Guru.