Valuable Tips For Meditators

Valuable Tips for Meditators

1-Physical cleanliness

2-loose comfortable clothing

3-try to be silent for 15 to 30 minutes before meditation

4-give body adequate rest

5-try to accept everything as it comes and as it is.

6-Feel a happy, smiling face

7-spirit of service

8-Keep away contradictory and conflicting emotions

9-Inspire curiosity and eagerness

10-write down the aim or purpose of doing meditation

11-Truth or God is so close, then why cant we feel it, why cant we see it? Keep the vision for experiencing truth clear. There should be nothing else clouding it.

12-Open divine insight-focus light energy there

13-Be ready to receive the grace of God

14-We have to cover the distance from creation to Creator, matter to soul. sleep to awakening, death to immortality. This distance is from Muladhar (base of spine) to the Sahasrar (crown of head). A short journey in physical term but spiritually can take lifetimes to complete. Ask yourself why is it so?

15-Self transformation-getting rid of the old personality and welcoming the new one with open arms.

16-Be courageous and patient

17-When divine energy starts to flow. leave it to divine forces to take you wherever they will.

18-Receive the Grace of God and Guru

19-Keep the realizations and experiences secret.