What is a Mantra?

 What is a Mantra?   Mantra is a combination of code words or sounds which, when repeated or chanted, has a powerful and transformative effect on the body, mind and the emotions.

There are three basic types of mantras:

1. Bija Mantra or "seed" mantra is a mantric sound with a single syllable and can be chanted loudly or silently. Ex: Lam, Vam, Ram,...).

2. General Mantras are of two types.

a) Saguna Mantras invokes specific deities and aspects of God. (Ex: Om Namaha Shivaya,...).

b) Nirguna Mantras are universal mantras and declare the meditators         identification with the Absolute. These mantras may be chanted loudly or softly by anyone. (Ex: Om - this is generated deep within the body and brought upwards joining with the "m" which then resonates through the entire head. Also Soh-hum which is a mantra that is already unconsciously repeated each time we take a breath-inhaling "So", exhaling "ham"). It also means "I am That" or one with the Absolute)

3. Shakti Guru Mantra is an empowered mantra that is transmitted from an Enlightened Guru also known as a Yogi or a Realized Master. It is an initiation mantra that is always repeated silently. It has a profoundly positive spiritual effect on the gross and subtle body, mind, and emotions. In this Special Mantra, the dominant element is Fire and the supporting element is Air. Through the repetition of this mantra, the fire element of the Manipur Chakra burns up the toxins and impurities in body and mind and the air element of the Anahat spreads the individual aura. The Guru Shakti Mantra accelerates the spiritual unfoldment and is a tremendous aid to meditation.


What is a Mantra Initiation?

Mantra Initiation is the auspicious process of receiving the Guru Shakti Mantra from a Yogi or Guru, or from one designated by Him or Her to transmit this special mantra to the seeker. This mantra has a profoundly purifying, transformative, protective and everlasting affect.