Diksha (Halina Listopad) has been teaching and practicing Yoga, Music, and Meditation for over 25 years. A Violinist who began training from age five, a former Fullbright Music scholar, and Creative Arts Therapist, Diksha's commitment and love for the Arts and Music has taken her through an exploration of varied modalities of both Western and Eastern art forms.  Ultimately this brought her to Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound Vibration, "from where all sound flows". 

Diksha's first experience of Nad (divine sound current) occurred when she came in contact with the Indian Sage Sri Swami Satchidananda in 1978.  She soon joined His devoted Sangha and in 1981 received Sannyas initiation from Sri Gurudev.  As is customary, He named her as Swami Ghaanananda - "Bliss of Music".  With his Blessings and guidance, Diksha continued to pursue her musical and her spiritual path as one.   In 1986, she received a Fullbright Music Research Grant to India and eventually went on to become music critic for some of the leading English newspapers.  However, her contemplative nature soon compelled her, while still in India, to take time to visit Holy places and Beings and go on pilgrimages.  Some of these most powerful sacred places included those of Saint Poets and Musicians, including Shirdi Baba, Baba Maluk Das, Mirabai, Sant Tyagaraja, and Tukaram. 

In 1989 unexpectedly Diksha's spiritual path took a sudden turn when she came in direct contact with the renowed Yogi, poet, and philosopher, Swami Yogiraj Nanak, the descendent and heir of the Great 15th Century Poet Saint Baba Sant Maluk Das.  His intimate, totally unique, and creative approach to Yoga Sadhana (Practice) through Nada Yoga and His Dehypnotic Meditation techniques inspired Diksha to pursue her practices directly under Yogiraj.  She accompanied Him as He traveled between His Ashrams at Naraina and Allahabad.  After numerous years of direct training in Yoga, philosophy, and Dehypnotic Meditation, Yogiraj, in 1993, requested Diksha to return back to the USA and begin introducing the teachings of Nada Yoga and Meditation in a fresh new way. 

Diksha first introducted Nada Yoga at the Intregal Yoga Institute where her workshops became very popular.  She soon began her own classes at the Meditation Den and started introducing the various techniques of Dehypnotic Meditation and Tantra as taught by Yogiraj. 

The inspiration of Yogiraj and His unique creative approach to Yoga and Life has led Diksha to follow in her Guru's footsteps and create her own unique style in presenting these practices.  Her rich background in music and the Creative Arts modalities has enabled her to introduce numerous workshops and retreats that help in freeing up and releasing emotions as a pre-requisite for Yoga Practices. 

Diksha continues to teach music, Sangeet, and guides musicians and seekers in their journey.  She continues to introduce Yoga and Meditation to children.       


Some of the creative workshops devised by Diksha include:

*Sound and Healing: Exploration of asanas through Mantra

*Rekindling the Lotus Heart:  Lighting up the anahat charkra through sound and light

*Journey to the Self: The mystic chakras and koshas

* Nada Yoga: Meditation through sound vibration

*Mudra for Meditation and Healing (Mudra Vigyan): a path of healing, recovery, and meditation

*The Nine Rasas: Harmonizing our emotions through the ancient techniques of the Natya Sastra and the Creative Art forms of today

*Healing, Worship, and Creativity through the Divine Goddess: based on the poetic Lalita Sahasranama