In August 1998, Swamiji Yogiraj first came to New York by invitation of a few devotees who had already been introduced to His teachings and meditations through the weekly sessions led by Diksha since 1996. During this visit, He gave weekly lectures on the philosophy of Yoga and conducted a series of meditations and retreats. He returned to the tri-state area again in 2002, this time introducing specific meditations that He felt would be helpful to individuals in coping with their personal and spiritual challenges. His brilliantly guided De-hypnotic Meditations and teachings spurred his devotees to form a mission to help introduce these precious meditation techniques to all those that are genuinely seeking growth and spiritual unfoldment. Thus, the Yogavani Mission, a not-for-profit organization was formed in 2003. 

Yogavani Mission, also known as "the Voice of Yoga," intends to spread His teachings and meditation techniques to all those who are looking for means to de-hypnotize themselves from worldly and spiritual concepts and ideas which make it so difficult to capture the essence of the moment in this fast-paced world.