Swami Yogiraj Nanak

Swami Yogiraj Nanak Chand (1927-2013) was born on October 8th in a small village of Northern India, in Fatehpur District. Just before his birth, his mother saw Guru Nanak Dev in a dream. When she narrated her dream, it was suggested that if she conceived a son, she should name him Nanak. He was born into a family which practiced traditional, ritualistic worship of Hindu deities at all religious functions, yet there was little or no actual spiritual grounding. However, even as a child, Nanak's curiosity was insatiable. At the age of 5, on visiting a temple, he pestered his father to tell him whether God actually resided inside the statue and, if so, why did he not speak. 

At the age of 21, he left his home in search of the illusory God, about whom everyone spoke, but whom he could not see anywhere. After a prolonged quest in numerous holy cities of India and meeting many saints and seers, he came to the conclusion that though there were preachers of religion, few could show his true path. He then began introspection, waiting for some divine insight or realization, wandering alone, looking for a ray of light. One day, after a hard and arduous climb to the top of a mountain in Srinagar in Kashmir, he reached a temple and saw the rising sun in all its glory. He closed his eyes and prayed that one day he should similarly view the glory of God within himself. 

This search and restlessness within himself for the unknown and unseen persisted. His first true realization came when he visited Kada to pay his respects at the shrine of Baba Sant Maluk Das, a 16th century poet saint of whom Swamiji is also a direct descendant. This realization took the form of an omniscient transmission of divine energy, shaktipat , from Baba Sant Maluk Das to Swami Yogiraj Nanak. Once this realization dawned on young Yogiraj Nanak, he gave up his artistic pursuits as a famed embroidery artist and went into solitude at Kada, the abode of Baba Maluk Das, leading the life of an ascetic and years of tapasya and meditation,

Yogiraj began to spread the teachings of Maluk Das and His message of oneness with God. He delivered his first discourse in Ambala Cantt in Punjab in 1968. Since then, he has used every event as an occasion to spread this Message. Thousands flocked to listen to His spell binding and piercing discourses which flowed straight from His Self. During the following years, he continued to travel from one end of India to the other, touring and lecturing. His discourses are laced with stories and anecdotes from both ancient Indian and contemporary texts. 

All of the original manuscripts of Baba Sant Maluk Das, His poetic writings and teachings became the sole possession of Swami ji Yogiraj. These writings have been published, entitled "Maluk Granthavali." The government of India inaugurated this publication in March of 2003.

Yogiraj Nanak reconstructed and renovated the abode of Maluk Das (Sthal) at Kada, Koushambi, the original abode of Baba Sant Maluk Das and His inherited Ashram as the heir "Mahant" to the seat of Baba Sant Maluk Das.

In 1971, the Delhi ashram was established and the Adhyatmic Sadhna Sangh was founded by Yogiraj for the propagation of spiritual thought and practices where He conducted discourses, meditations, camps and retreats. Most of His publications are in Hindi except : "Spiritual Essence” and "Dehypnotic Meditation: The Door To A Voyage Into The Infinite.” 

Swami Yogiraj Nanak came to USA few times, organized and arranged by His sincere disciples, Diksha and Harish Joshi and conducted Satsangs, discourses, and Meditations camps, inspiring spiritual seekers. As result the Yogavani Mission was formed to help spread His message and teachings.