The Three Gunas

In Yogic philosophy, the human mind has been divided into three categories depending upon its qualities or GUNAS.

1.SATTVIC mind is a mind at peace. It's chief characteristics are kindness, truth, contentment, love, devotion, humility, happiness. In this state, the blood pressure remains normal and the living cells in the body multiply and become stronger.

2. RAJASIC mind: In this state, the sattvic traits of the mind are over shadowed by cleverness of the intellect. This type of mind experiences worry, sorrow, jealousy, greed, anger, fear, and indulgence. In this state, the blood circulation becomes abnormally rapid and leads to turmoil and confusion in the body and mind.
The cells are in a disorganized and disturbed state. Their growth and development is stopped and deterioration and weakness begins.

3. TAMASIC mind: The chief characteristic of this type of mind is laziness, ignorance, violence, deceit, theft, and sinful activity. It's attitude toward life is distorted. Blurred thinking, blood circulation is disorganized and cells stop their normal function due to toxicity.

Through the practice of yoga and meditation, one begins to acquire sattvic mental traits. The body and mind begin to function harmoniously. The guidance of a Yogi or Guru is very helpful at this point to help in proceeding further on the path of meditation and in deepening one's sadhana.  This guidance ultimately helps one to attain a state of Trigunati - or Samadhi - the state of enlightenment.