Ayam Me Hasto Bhagwan

Mantra for treatment by touch 

Om Ayam Me Hasto Bhagwan
Ayam Me Bhagavattara
Ayam Me Vishwa Bheshajo
Ayam Shivaabhimarshanah

अयम में हस्तो भगवान अयम में भ्ग्वतरम
अयम में विश्व भेषजो अयम शिवाभिमर्षन्ह


Both my hands are divine. They can bring prosperity. 
They can give a soothing effect. 
Moreover, they are more powerful than being simply divine. 
All medicines for the diseases of the world lie on my hands. 
Touch of hands is capable for well being and healing.

Swami Yograj Nanak

from Rig Veda  10.60.12