Children's Yoga

Children are like seeds which we have planted. We have to nourish them so

that they grow to be healthy, strong and loving people. Through Yoga and

Meditation we can guide our children through the fast paced world of today

offering them a way to cope with their problems and pressures today and

through the rest of their lives.

As parents we soon notice the beneficial affects that Yoga exercises and

Meditation have on the child. Their body becomes more flexible and stronger,

their mind becomes calmer and more alert and the child experiences a sense

of emotional well being. The child does not need to perform the Yoga

postures perfectly to achieve good results either. Each child differs in

flexibility and will improve at an individual pace with practice.

In our Yoga program children are encourage to use his/her imagination and

express their feelings and ideas clearly. Through visualization involving

nature and animals, stories, music and songs children use their imagination

in a creative way. Children are encouraged to explore their own body

movement by imitating different kinds of animals and objects with which they

are familiar and to use sound with movement imitating the sounds of

animals, etc.  Most important is the child will experience no discomfort from

sore muscles.

In brief, Yoga can relax a nervous and tense child by loosening up their

muscles and allow the child to move more freely.

Yoga can stimulate the tired and wearisome child who cannot concentrate


Yoga and proper diet will have a calming effect on a hyperactive child

Yoga encourages self expression in the shy, withdrawn child.

We welcome you to register your child up for our upcoming Children's classes

and give them the opportunity to experience for themselves something new and

fun. Yoga can become a part of your child's daily routine, and if you too like

to practice Yoga , it can become a fun and rewarding family activity. It is a

wonderful way of creating family togetherness.